Lisle & Christie

I can only hope that our sheer delight was obvious in our expressions, gasps and sighs, as I know words escaped us as we drank in the amazing sight of our new home.

While Robert LaRoche and his design and construction team created a wonderful building, you managed to elevate it to an environment that truly expresses our personality, casual yet sophisticated, comfortable yet presentable, masculine yet tropical, Costa Rican yet cosmopolitan. The eclectic mix of Costa Rican hardwood, rattan, teak and Indonesian style creates a worldly tropical setting. It fits our lives while still fitting into the jungle!

Your ability to source or fabricate just the perfect piece is truly astounding and the quality of the work of your local craftsmen is amazing. I still cannot believe you were able to locally recreate Indonesian Drum Tables with such finesse! You said you had some surprises, and that was the best one of all.

Your design aesthetic is superb. Furniture fits perfectly into place, color is precise in its tone and harmony, wood tones differ and blend and details are perfect- right down to the orchid motif on the sofa cushions. However the true display of your creativity is our master bedroom. Never did we discuss a different feel or color scheme for that space, and yet there it is - our own private jungle in green, purple, silver and dark wood - like a treetop oasis. The thought of it still gives me Goosebumps!

I know that as clients we were perhaps more directive, more opinionated, and more in need of communication than others. It is clear you listened very clearly to what we said. More importantly, you should know that we listened very clearly to the things you said. You were very clear on your wealth of experience and how that would ensure we didn’t make mistakes and the whole project would come together in the end - and indeed it did!

Lastly, it was a pleasure to work with you. Your professionalism has been clear throughout. You are open and direct, working to ensure there are no surprises (except for the good ones) and the degree of documentation makes it clear this is a real business. However, it is your passion that makes you truly unique. What was more evident than anything was that you had put your heart and soul into making our home a reality and so wanted it to be exactly what we desired. IT IS THAT, and so much more!

We look forward to enjoying our home for many years, and will never forget the role you had in making it a reality. We are pleased to be part of your community and know we will have the chance to share a glass of wine sometime soon.

Gracias y Pura Vida
Dan Hill and Lisle Christie
Toronto, Canada